yes, people really do ask stupid questions

This is from Slate, from the Explainer section. I thought they were pretty funny. And apparently, there is such a thing as a stupid question.

The Explainer’s Unanswered Questions From 2006

  • Given the exchange and dispersion of matter, how likely is it/how often do we inhale/consume and/or incorporate into our own protein structure molecules that were once in some historical figure, say Abraham Lincoln?
  • Is it possible to collect all the cookie dough in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream and actually bake cookies from it?
    How clean is bar soap in a public bathroom? Is it "self-cleaning," since it’s soap? It seems like a health hazard to me.
  • Why is the No. 8 always the same combination (tamale, enchilada, rice, beans) in any Mexican restaurant I visit? This includes primarily the southeast United States but not obvious franchises.
  • Why is grilled chicken tasting increasingly rubbery and odd?
  • I need more money…..what business can i start that will not take a lot of time…i have internet access daily………..and i have saturday morning free before 12 noon to run around. i work from 7am to 9:30 pm…………..
  • Can you tell me how long it will take if you eat rat poison to see if it is going to affect you? Please e-mail me back. Because my niece ate some.
  • Hi. I just wanted to know if our eyeballs roll back when we are sleeping (or closed) or do they shake?
  • What’s likely to happen to people, or what might they feel, when they’re killed instantly?
  • I have noticed that a lot of mainstream movies feature men peeing. Are the actors really peeing?
  • Working in my yard yesterday, I killed a gnat in my ear canal, where it had flown. I couldn’t remove the body as my finger was too fat. What happens to it now?
  • Is chicken considered meat?
  • Hello … Could you tell me if there’s been any kind of medical discovery in the last 30 years besides DNA.
  • Are UFOs confirmed to be from other Alien Planets?

And a few more that show that people are thinking about the wrong things at the wrong time

  • What would happen to the stock market if a meteor impacted the earth? What would happen to the global markets and the U.S. market? Say a meteor hits inside U.S. borders and takes out two states. Shouldn’t you worry more about the fact that you wouldn’t be alive to have to worry about that?
  • If a group of passengers on a hijacked plane wanted to, could they bring a plane down by all of them using their cell phones at the same time?Shouldn’t you worry more about the fact that you’re on a plane being hijacked?
  • I have a sister that stresses the hell out of me. For example this one sister out of three knows that I am recovering from a serious car accident. I thank God for saving my life, and healing me each and every day. My question is can a person who complains and talks about the same complaining crap every day stress you completely out? About four days ago I had to tell this one sister (Annie) basically to get a life and stop bugging me with her problems and everybody else’s. I reminded her that I am still in a neck brace and healing … I really need to know if a person can really stress you out with the same old thing over and over and over again. PLEASE ANSWER BACK ASAP. Yes. I am pretty sure I do that to people all the time.

I wonder if all of were real questions. I prefer to think that they are. I like to think that people can be just as silly as I am. My personal favorite is the one about peeing- but that’s just because I am a little twisted. I’ll have to check next time I go to the movies.


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