a week later & still happy

Last week I went to stay at a friend’s for the weekend. There was a big snow storm, so we figured out that we would hang out at her place and watch a couple movies and stuff like that. She lives out away from town a little- there haven’t completely filled the area with big ugly houses yet. So it was really cool seeing all the trees with all the snow all over. We even saw a few deer on Saturday morning- that was cool. We kept looking at the weather forecasts to see when and how much snow there would be, so that we would know what it would be like when we had to go out for real- for me to go home and her to work on Monday. Just my kind of thing, watching the weather.

I brought my computer with me- first time out of the apparent. I copied a bunch of her CDs onto my computer to burn when I got back- only done one so far. We did go out on Saturday for a while. She wanted to get a cooling pad for under her notebook computer like I have for mine. So while we were there I bought a digital camera. Got part of it on sale, because of a gift card and that I bought the one from the display. But I really like it- watch for pictures later.

Anyway, it was about a little under three days out there- 2 full days and 3 nights, plus the early part of Monday morning. But the amount of time wasn’t really what worked for me, just that it was time away from where I always am.

I have been in a state of blues for a while now- I am not sure for how long. So I go out there and spend the weekend, then later on Monday I realize that I am not as down as I was. In fact, I was pretty happy, and it‘s a week later. It was really strange, but I was glad for it- I wondered why it didn’t come around earlier, but I’m just glad to be happy again. Its been a week and the blues haven’t come back. I guess all I needed was a little time away, even though it wasn’t far away.;)


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