anther reason why this building I live in is strange



I have written previously about the strange people and things that go on in the apartment building where I live. They are still true. I feel sometimes that it is time to leave, but I probably won’t for a very long time (but that all depressing, and I am in a happy phase, so forget I ever wrote that).

I did mention this sign you see here, but I thought I would just put it up. It is one of those things that I wanted a digtital camera for— to stick things that I find amusing up for all to see.

It’s up in this divided area in the parking garage where all the garbage goes— the garbage room, I call it. (I have found a few cool things down there that are useful, but I that is a subject for another entry. SO there it is, telling what I thought was common sense to all, but I guess not. What I want to know is how people carry all that stuff down without it being in a bag or something like that? I picture a bunch of people down there having some sort of twisted picnic.

I’ve got another sign, but I think I need to retake it— the one I took is a little dark and off center or something like that.


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