TV turned off?

National TV Turn-Off Week. I had completely forgotten about it until I heard someone on the radio news about it. I have done this in the past, sometimes years in a row. I did it last year, but I don’t think I will do it this year.

I think way this is supposed to get you to have some revelation about how TV is really bad, then watch less— stuff like that. truthfully, I don’t remember all that much of difference. I have journal entries about it, but how I remember it is derailment I am sure from the way it really was. I always seem to be home a lot during that week.

One of those things I do at the beginning of the week to jazz myself up is to read through the Statistics. You wouldn’t believe all the information there is, all about how much we watch and what it does to our brains and bodies, and all the money that is spent around and because of it. Even if you don’t watch TV, you can’t avoid the effects it produces.

I think most of what good the Turn-Off is for is all those people with kids. If I were ho have kids by some freak event, I would never let them with TV— at least with the TiVo preprogramming it all.


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