reading poetry out loud

I was listening to a program on the radio the other day. There was a woman that came on the show- a writer- who, at the encouragement of the interviewer, read a poem. I never noticed that that was really irritating. So I did 2 things:turned off the radio and wrote this in my notebook. It is a lot more of a rant and complaint that the stuff I like to put up here, but here it is anyway.

Other People’s Poetry I never really thought about people read poetry out loud-particularly their own. They usually read slooooooly, line by line, stopping at the end. It seems as if each line is meant to be the most important words in existence, and you must be sure to hear them all. And then there is that pause at the end of each line to make sure that they are pressed even deeper into your mind, so that they never go away. It is the best, most important poem ever. And then, if you write a poem of your own, you would have to read yours as they did, or else yours is not as good as theirs, not a piece of literature. It is an awful thing, junk for greeting cards and pop singers who have one hit wonders that fade away as fast as they came. But they stick in your mind more than the poems that were read out loud. They are there is something obnoxious about them both, just in different.


I think I wanted to write something else there., because there are a couple of free line there after it, but I don’t remember what they might have been. I think I have had to do something, but I can’t finish now, the mood is lost.

It isn’t that I don’t like poems, I write my own, and put them on this blog. I just don’t think they really should be read out loud.


One Response to “reading poetry out loud”

  1. 1 THPplatinum

    I’m to LOVE you cause blood told me to if bloods thicker than water I’ll drink the rest of you LOVE is LOVE all the way through when you piss me off I still LOVE you
    what if I piss you off would you still LOVE me to life is a bored game with cards
    to pull let’s play monopoly I’ll be the thimbal
    MONEY,MONEY all to live for
    MONEY,MONEY what’s life to live for
    WORKIN,WORKIN to live this life
    WORRY,WORRY to be the best wife
    screamin so much deep within have we found a LOVE have we found a friend
    To loose have lost to gain,to find
    To loose have lost can’t find my mind to have bad to worse instore I can’t be blood nomore
    PRICK,PRICK,PRICKIN my soul my heart not head has let you go you PAIN and PAIN
    down on me all of the reason for THP

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