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Just when we thought the rant about this building was over, something else had to come along and cancel that ides. This sign went up in the middle of May, I am pretty sure. It says that they’ll fix it in 2-3 weeks, but I know that it has been longer than that. It is […]

Last week, when it was so hot, there was one advantage— that the busses were free. It had something to do with ozone, that there is stuff moving from Chicago and other cities down there that just stayed here, just hanging around. So they told some of the people to stay home, and suggested that […]

There is thin one thing I dread every year— when it gets really hot. Last year it was totally miserable— but it was bad for everyone else too. Remember that— when the whole weather map was shades of orange and yellow? Very dangerous.Well, here it is, it’s starting! Yesterday it get into the upper 80s, […]

stormy weather


It is really raining here. It is really kind of cool, since we haven’t had a big rain like this in a long time. I thought to try to get some lightning shots, but I didn’t do well last time I tried. There are all those cool pictures you see around, so you think you […]