stormy weather

It is really raining here. It is really kind of cool, since we haven’t had a big rain like this in a long time. I thought to try to get some lightning shots, but I didn’t do well last time I tried. There are all those cool pictures you see around, so you think you would be able to do it easily— but no such luck. Maybe I have to go out into a field or something like that, but that increases the chance of being struck by lightning. Even though I want to die in a quick and interesting way, but I don’t really want to do it today.

I kind of wish it were later— I like to go to sleep when it is raining. Especially now that the roof has been fixed and I don’t have to put a bucket down under the leak in the bedroom.

I’m also not one of those tornado chasers— that’s one that kind of freaked me out after moving to the Midwest. Though I am in a city, they seem to get closer. There actually was one not too far away from me a couple of years ago. And now there’s all this technology, you can practically see exactly where the rain is falling.


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