a thing I dread is here

There is thin one thing I dread every year— when it gets really hot. Last year it was totally miserable— but it was bad for everyone else too. Remember that— when the whole weather map was shades of orange and yellow? Very dangerous.Well, here it is, it’s starting! Yesterday it get into the upper 80s, now it is 87 and it will be like this for the next few days.

I am thinking, as I did last year, about the apartment I had before this one. It had no air conditioning. I don’t know how I would have survived through those long periods, even at night. I don’t know what I would have done, maybe stuck myself in a tub of ice water, which wouldn’t stayed icy for too long.

I thought this was going to be a rainy, cooler summer. It still could be, since it is going to rain Monday, I think, and maybe tomorrow afternoon. I am not sure which I would prefer, since I hate getting wet about as much. It’s no wonder I moved away from Miami.

I don’t think I will turn the air conditioner on yet. It doesn’t seem like it will be long enough to suck up the electricity yet, so far the fans are working, and it is getting cooler at night— that is sort of my criteria. I would hate to have it on for most of the summer like a lot of people in this building. It’s kind of funny— I am sitting out on my balcony all nice and cool with the breeze picking up now and then when, one by one, I hear air conditioners go on. I think how they don’t know how to behave, how in the land of so much cold, 80 degree heat (yes, that’s when they turn it on) is like some sort of chamber of horrors.

All right, my rant is over.


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