Wednesday in the parking lot, the 4th of July



That picture right there is from the fireworks display over across the street. I had a little trouble with the pictures, but there were a few like this one that came out good. There are a few that came out- well, interesting. You may not even be able to recognize them as fireworks. And there are a few that were a little out of focus. Of course you can get away with that, they are things streaming through the air.The only thing that bugged me is that there were the parking lot lights getting in the way, but you don’t see that in this picture.

There is a really good display the Saturday before the 4th- Rhythm & Booms, which is a big thing around here, and you can see it on many other areas in the city, but I didn’t feel like going. It really is a good show, don’t get me wrong. Any show that leaves a bog cloud of smoke hanging in the sky after it’s done can’t be too bad.

It seems a little wrong and a bit of a let down because it isn’t on the 4th, like it’s supposed to be. But there ones today, like the one across the street from where I live. Maybe I’m a little sentimental, but there is something in those little presentations that happen in every city all over the USA. ThereÆs more unity an things like that.

And I just had to go- how else would I get those cool pictures with my digital camera that I finally got earlier this year.


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