Is it Friday the 13th?


I just realized that it was Friday the 13th. I was watching the news at 10, and the announcer mentioned it. I had the radio oh for almost the whole say, but no one said anything about it. And I didn’t have to write the date at all today, ao I guess Iit slipped my mind. It’s really kind of strange, I usually know what time it is. I know that it is Friday, and the moon is nearly new (you have to be in tune with the moon, right?) and that it is July, but Friday the 13th, no. Go figure.

Things like that really don’t matter to me because I have never had any real bad luck on those days. In fact, some of them have been really great. In fact I had one I called my “happy day” because nearly everting happened right. There is no perfect day for me, but nearly perfect is all right for me— as long as most of it is good.


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