everything is breaking


I don’t know why this is happening except that it is some kind of conspiracy to torture me. What is happening is that it seems like every mechanical item in my apartment is deciding to break nearly all at once.

Okay, first the easiest but perhaps the most just plain irritating- the fan in my bedroom broke. Just at the perfect time, the hottest part of the year. I turn it on the other night because it was hot (obviously) ad I have trouble sleeping. So it goes on kind of normal, but I notice that it is making a funny noise, so I did something that probably wasn’t a great thing to do- I smacked it. The motor kind of wound down and then stopped. I checked to see if it was plugged in well, and it was. I looked at it, and it was still on. I fiddled with the buttons, but nothing happened. So I leave it on- I’m to sure if I did that on purpose or not- and laid down to go to sleep. Then it went on by itself, which made me nervous, so I made sure it was off. Now I have to go get a new one. Seems to happen every couple of years. ???:

The second involves cable TV and internet. A couple weeks ago, I called to cancel the internet part of my cable service since I have internet through my building (one of the things that actually still works). So I thought it was all good until last night went I went to watch TV. When I turn it on, I get nothing. I call the company (Charter) to get some assistance. They tried a couple things and they didn’t work. So I got a service call earlier this afternoon. What happened was that they canceled my TV part of the service, not the internet, so the guy had to get it all straight. I did get a new box out of it, my old one had been doing strange things like changing the channel to several other channels when I only asked for one. ???:

And now for the part that scares me the most. This thing I am using, this little notebook, is kind of getting ready to die on one form or another. I’m inclined to think it will spontaneously burst into flames. I think there are 2 things wrong with it, so I am just going to have to get a new one. One of those things is that it sometimes turns itself off without warning which scares me and that I’m afraid I’ll never get it to go back on and I will lose whatever I didn’t back up- which isn’t all that much, I don’t think, but when you can’t get it on it seems kind of like the end of the world- at least the computer world. That doesn’t bother me all that much, there are all those back to school sales on now, so maybe I can get a good deal. I am not going to get one that is this small again. It does take up less space, but I learned that I can have a few more inches and not suck up all the space within this sort of medium sized apartment.


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