computer problem solved


I mentioned in the last post that one of my technological problems was that my computer is about to meltdown. I suppose i could have had it fixed, but I think there were too many problems with it, so i just went out and bought one on Friday.

I really like it. It is bigger than the one I had, especially the screen area, which was one of a few things about it that I didn’t like about it.

And since it is new, it also has Vista. I didn’t think it would be as different as it is. I knew it would be really pretty, which it is. but the file structure is different and more complicated. I really like the way it looks and all that kind of stuff, but sometimes I want to find something in a folder that used to be in one place but is now in another. So now I have to learn that as well as get used to the other stuff you do when you get a new computer.

And then there is all that stuff you do with the new computer. You have to install the programs you had an your old computer and stick all the documents in. But the one good thing about that is you see how much junk you put on the old one that you didn’t need and won’t put one your new one, at least not yet. Maybe at some time in the future you remember it and think you should try it again. But for now

I’m going for the basics, especially since Vista is so strange to me, at least for now.


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