not this again


A very long time ago, not so very long after I moved here, the roof of this building started leaking. It happened in several places, I think even the floor of one of the apartments caved in— not when they were there at least.

My apartment was one of those that had a leak. It came through in my bedroom, thankfully in no place that I use. I would just have to try to ignore it when it happened at night and I was trying to fall asleep.

So a few years ago they decided to rip the whole roof off and start fresh. This was a pain for a while, noisy and smelly and a piece of their equipment blocked the door that I like to go out of the building through. And for years we haven’t had any problems— about 4 years, I think.

Where I am going with this is that now there is a leak in the bathroom. I get up this morning to pee and feel these drops coming down on me. I look up and see that there is a leak. I thought those days were over. There had been one there before, but it was more like a mist, so I didn’t think it was anything worth recording. It was stronger this time— enough that I had to put a pot under it. It went on through the morning and early afternoon, but has now stopped.

It’s from the practically day-long storms that happened yesterday. They got kind of scary at times, with lightning and loud thunder.


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