wild weather


Usually I like says like this. It looks almost like night outside, even though it is only about 6.20pm— and it was already like this once already today. It’s one of those really cool stormy says that I really like. But not this day.

It has been raining here for what seems almost like constant rain for about a week or so. There have been floods and all sorts of things like that, disasters all over the place. It is flooding everywhere, there is no place for the water to go anymore.

there has been lots of lightning and now power lines are gong down all over the place and people are getting electrocuted waiting for the bus. That’s up on the north side— I don’t ever go up there, so I really don’t know exactly where these places are that they’re talking bout on the radio.

That makes me glad I didn’t go anywhere today, I take the bus. Once I sat at a bus stop for nearly an hour— if I remember right— while there was a tornado warning. I wasn’t the only one. I didn’t know that that’s what was going on, I just thought the bus was late for some reason. I found out later that that’s what was going on. I think that was once I got on a really crowded bus.

Now it is kind of remanding me of that one time when I was living back in Miami when there was this one hurricane that was supposed to hit one year, but didn’t really. I moved before the real things come. But there was all coverage of it on the TV and radio. It was all so exciting.

The power went out there a lot when there was big rainstorms, which I thought was cool, except that one time one zapped my TV. But now I have my own stuff, and I keep thinking about all that food I bought that will go bad if the power goes out.

And I am doing just what I would have done back then, writing in a journal about most things that were happening. But this time it is all high tech, with my notebook computer running on batteries. And now everyone can read it, if they want, just like all the rest.


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