elevator fixed?


They took the sign off of the elevator Monday. But now I am sceptical of it, I am nut sure I want to get in it. I guess I have gotten so used to going up the stairs, even with all kinds of stuff. I thought I would only go up when I have big bags of stuff with me, which is true, if I want to even use ti again.

I guess that is because the last time I got into it was the day before it went out, or the day before that. I got pretty jerked around and got a little spooked. and that kind of happened last week or so when I went down to the back stairs when I had to do wash— but that time it just wouldn’t go.

this is strange, I complained about it for over 4 months— mostly in my mind. Now that it is fixed, or at least the sign is sown, I am seriously thinking of not suing it anymore. I have almost gotten into that routine.


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