as I turn 39…


Well, here it is, birthday #39. and this is what I am doing as I turn 39 is writing in this blog. I am doing it standing up, with notebook on that my white bookshelf- it’s a thing I am trying lately, at least in part.

I write in journals like that sometimes- paper ones, that is. I do have a paper one that I write in every year, at least for the past 2 years. it is interesting to read what I thought about the past year, and what I think about and what might come in the next year. It’s always interesting to see how you reflect on things- like this one part from last year:

“Time is not measured in minutes or hours, but in moments.” I know that is not exactly the statement, but the sentiment is the same. Time is in flux, moments are like dips and peaks within. You can’t feel every tick of the cosmic clock- if you did, you would experience little else.

The entries were more complex the last year as opposed to the first. I guess I was in a more thoughtful mood back then, maybe because I mentioned having stopped to look at the moon. The moon seems to do that.

I did read the last two years. I hope I will write a little more this year. I only hope I can make more of a keep seep entry this year. Then I will throw it in the trunk and pull it out again next year. I got one for the new year, but I didn’t do very well with it, but I didn’t give myself a lot of time, so it didn’t come out as I wanted. I also think that may be the problem with the first birthday journal entry.

They said it was going to rain tomorrow afternoon (later today, to get technical). But then they said that it wouldn’t be until later in the evening. That is good, I wanted to sit on the balcony for what will probably be the last one of the year. It was so wet this year- it was too bad- I couldn’t sit out there too many times.

Stay tuned for the sites of the week coming up in a few hours.


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