Who’s goals?


I have been using Joe’s Goals for about a week now. The really interesting part is the tag cloud (I lone tag clouds), where you get to see how other people are doing at the same goals as you, and even get new ones for yourself, maybe that you have thought of, and some that you may not have.

It is interesting to note the differences that occur in the wording of the activity, such as “breakfast” and “eat breakfast” and “write” and “writing.” Does how you word things effect how often you do them?

Saying things like “eat breakfast” and “write” seem more like commands, whereas “breakfast” and “writing” seem more like things that are more like suggestions, things that you really might want to do.

It is also interesting to find out what days people seem to do these things. I have noticed that for some, people get jazzed up at the beginning of the week, but by the weekend the numbers tend to go down. I wonder how many of them I will add— how many tasks I will end up with.

I had to look one thing up— Inbox Zero, which I don’t need. And something else— some people can’t spell.


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