3 computer issues


I’ve got a couple of things that for some reason I don’t want to make separate entries for.

1. register crash

Here’s something I didn’t know— I am at one of the grocery stores that I go to frequently, checking out. Well, there were these two guys that were talking forever, and I thought it was their fault, so I got a little impatient, but I am not going to turn this into a rant. What was really going on was that the register crashed. When I got to the point where I could see the screen, I noticed that it was running Windows 2000 Professional. No wonder it crashed. The whole thing was sort of funny, until the woman behind the counter— who had to move all my stuff to the next aisle— put my stuff in plastic bags instead of the paper I requested.

2. more operating system blues

There are three things that are bothering me about this new computer, maybe because of Vista, or the firmware upgrade the customer service person told me I should do to fix the sleep problem or hibernate problem that never ended up getting it right. Anyway, I have a few things that won’t install— printer, digital camera, iPod, and I can’t use those jump drives— none of the drivers will work. And, again, at risk of turning this into a rant, I will stop now.

3. again, new blogging software

Although I really like Post2Blog, I decided to try out Live Writer. I may end up going back, but for some reason I tend to do things like this— move on or away from the software I use. I have tried the above, and wblogger, and I think another one, and used the web site entry forms {which I hate}. I do this with other software, too, but usually I settle down with one thing I like best.


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