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The Ultimate Guide to Freezing Food top 10 Food and Drink Hacks DietHack foodtube food Moods * A couple of these were in a couple sites of the week * Check back sometimes- I will add more later. Advertisements

Urban Dictionary 5,000 Years of Religion in 90 Seconds From Zen web— World’s Highest Website which I have encountered before, I don’t remember where, and Idea Generator, which is really cool. I have something like it in a cardboard version, but this one is easier to turn… Several references from Mashable: 5000+ Resources to […]

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Another one of those holidays that I hate, that is really named wrong. I might have done this rant before, but that is too bad, I am going to do it again. Thanksgiving is not about giving thanks. if there is any giving thinks, it is done within two seconds out of some obligation, because […]



This may give you an indication as to at least one part of what I am really like. I went to the grocery store near where I live— not the one I take the bus to. It occurred to me as I went that I would need a bus pass for some place I have […]

I might have posted something like this before, but I am doing it now anyway. I look through my entries at the beginning and notice that there are a bunch of stories and poems that are before the “first entry.“ This really kind of bugs me, and I will tell you why— Mostly, I have […]

Tackle Any Issue With a List of 100 lists are always good stuff, especially when you make yourself (like this list)— at least some of the time Simple Ways to Go "Media Green" and then, similarly— How to Go Paperless: Bury the Paper Before it Buries You the Idea Shower ooooh how I love this […]

15 Tips to Restart the Exercise Habit (and How to Keep It) Index Card Hacks Why don’t they make vertical index carts, anyway? The Ultimate Guide to Freezing Food BookBump cool way to make a database of what you have and want to read Wikis WikipediaVision (beta). Anonymous edits to English Wikipedia (almost) in real-time […]



bookBump— that’s what I mean by “bumping.” All about cataloging your books {I will mention this site in the sites of the week, up next— though I don’t know why, since I am going over it here, sort of} both read and not. At first I was just going to put in the ones I […]

Periodic Table of Cleaning {it’s the PDF} an interesting approach to cleaning up— maybe it might even work for me? tag2find kind of like the new tagging feature in Vista, only better, because you can tag everything— and if I ever get this software blog I have been thinking of starting running, I will have […]

This one has been up for a while. What it says, in case it is a little hard to read, is: Please do Not leave the door open, not even a crack. Be sure to Close the Door Quickly behind You so that the Cat does not escape. Thank you. I think that this was […]