bookBump— that’s what I mean by “bumping.” All about cataloging your books {I will mention this site in the sites of the week, up next— though I don’t know why, since I am going over it here, sort of} both read and not. At first I was just going to put in the ones I read, but then I figured why not put them all in— or at least the ones I want to acknowledge that I have.

So I am spending too much of Saturday afternoon doing just that. I was afraid of something like this happening— a great big time sink, but I think it’s really cool. I had a program like this once, but you had to put all the info—the title and who wrote it, all tat stuff, so I gave up on ti. Now, this thing is way different. All you do is put the ISBN in and it looks it up and sticks it in your catalog, all info and even (most of the time the cover art.

That is really cool, but I have some books— a very few— that I bought used that don’t have those numbers. So there was life before bar codes…

It has inspired me to look over some of the books I have not read, or only started. If they are on the shelf, I am less inclined to want to read them— which explains why there are books lying around off the shelves all over tables and floors rather then shelves.

I like how you can categorize them— make up your own so you can file them so you don’t have to go picking through all of them to find what you need, but just look in the category you made for yourself, like the standards— fiction, poetry, &c.— and others, depending on your taste and the way you want to configure it.

I would also like to find something like this to catalog my CDs, but maybe I am asking too much?


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