Written when? Posted when?


I might have posted something like this before, but I am doing it now anyway.

I look through my entries at the beginning and notice that there are a bunch of stories and poems that are before the “first entry.“ This really kind of bugs me, and I will tell you why—

Mostly, I have no idea when I wrote them exactly. I know that they were written originally back further than the blog started, some in paper and others just straight into the computer. Somehow when I put them into my blog— my old blog— they managed to get up in with dates that are before the “opening” date (more on that in a minute).

So, in mild frustration, I start going through the documents for the dates when I put them in in the first place. I hadn’t tried to do this before because I figured that all I would really have to do was change the year and that would change things. Usually I would just put it off and go through it later, but this time I thought about it, I decided to do something about it, or so I thought.

The date thing hadn’t work out right, it would just confuse things (by things, I mean me). I thought about changing just the month, which didn’t work right either. I went looking for the original dates— “original,“ not “last saved.” This proved to be more complicated than I expected, and just decided to let it go.

All right, about the old blog— I think this the 3rd site where I have had a blog, and by far the best, from what I have experienced so far. So all of those posts were in that older blog, which I imported into this one, using the feature that is provided. I don’t think it worked like it was supposed to, or something like that, because some of that sort of date was lost or contused. So then I became lost and confused (nothing new really, it’s just in a different area).

Forget it— they were old pieces, so aside from conformity, it doesn’t matter greatly. It’s just a minor annoyance. I just need to not think about it too hard.


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