what give thanx


Another one of those holidays that I hate, that is really named wrong. I might have done this rant before, but that is too bad, I am going to do it again.

Thanksgiving is not about giving thanks. if there is any giving thinks, it is done within two seconds out of some obligation, because they feel they have to even though they probably don’t, then they tear up their turkeys like they were wild animals who haven’t seen food in weeks. And you have to have turkey— they even call it “Turkey Day,” which really annoys me. What if you don’t like turkey and all that other goofy stuff you have to make with it? What if you don’t eat meat? That’s right, you have to make a fake turkey out of tofu or something like that.

If people want to celebrate something where all you really do is eat, maybe they should make it something like a harvest festival, being just slightly after all the fall harvests. Festivals are much more fun, anyway. And there isn’t so much pressure to make it the perfect day.

It just has to be perfect. But I find the most memorable ones are the ones that are not perfect, the ones with something quirky or out of the ordinary. For me, there was this one year when we were remodeling the kitchen and they had to put up wallpaper as we cooked— but that’s another story, that I suppose I could blog about some day. Maybe .

There is that one story on the news about a big family all together for one day, maybe even someone who flew from miles away just to be there,after long delays at the airport or long messy car trips. But after the cameras are gone, there comes a big argument, followed or preceded by at least one person having too many beers who starts yelling— at the football game, or just anyone in the room.

There is that other feel good story— the one that is meant to make you feel bad about being the least bit prosperous. There are all thee people we suddenly realize have no food or homes, but never mind all the other days of the year. You have to feel sorry for them, you are made to feel guilty for the fact that you have enough and all those other people are without a thing at all.

You are told you need to “give something back”— an expression I really hate. I have not taken anything from these people, so I have nothing to give back. I know it sounds kind of cruel, I don’t like to be told what to do, or what I should do (most of all).

And then, after all that food that they cram into their guts, they run immediately to the circulars that came in the paper. The instant after they “give thanks” they immediately think about what they are going to get and the things they want. And how much they want and don’t want to spend. So they go out and fight each other to get those important things right now, because there is no later. This is the only time when things will ever be so cheap. So who are you really if you aren’t standing outside of the stores at 5am, freezing in the line along with everyone else, ready to trample anyone in your way right down to the ground.

So really, thank you. Such contradictions we are…


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