December 1st resolutions


I was reading this: Getting Unplugged: How to Break the TV Habit. I started thinking about how it is near the end of the year, when people start thinking about resolutions for the new year. I also remembered that at one time I decided that I would escape the trap of big resolutions for a whole year and make one every month, trying to compound one on top to the other, a kind of progression.

The idea was that I would start with one, like, say for instance read a book a month, then, having gotten used to doing that ever the month (all the reading), then I would put something new in, like write 10 pages every day, for instance. I guess I figured I would keep adding to them until I got everything in, that my days were about as full as they could be without all the bad habits.

I wrote them on big index cards and put them up on this bulletin board I had in my bedroom over my dresser, so I would see them every day when I got dressed, and I could even see them from by bed, though I couldn’t read them, just know they were there, end that each had a different color card.

Well, as I am sure you could guess, this did not work out. I think I might have the cards somewhere, since it seems I never throw untying away. I am sure I could pull them out , but I took the board down and put up these two boxes that I am not sure I like.

So I think I will try this again, in a way, though I will at least try to get some of them in, then add others as a new thing once I have pulled a few good ones into my routine. I might even add some at a later time, but for now they will be color coded like this: (I may even add updates as to how I am doing in these colors, but I will figure that out when it comes around): body, mind, spirit and other stuff (no color). The list has numbers, though it is not really “ordered.”

  1. read at least one book a month
  2. watch an hour and a half to 2 hours less TV, at least to start with, then more
  3. exercise more, at least 4-5 times a week: weight machines downstairs, free weights, treadmill, yoga tail chi, and walking videos and walking outside— mostly summer, and when it is nice out.
  4. Go outside for at least a little while when the day is nice— good temperature, sun is out
  5. get out of present eating “plan”— some old foods, eating too late, too much of certain things, try new foods and recipes
  6. meditate
  7. blog at least once a week (not including sites of the week)
  8. learn another language (Spanish, I think, at least first)
  9. write at least something every day, even if it isn’t very much— not including blog
  10. don’t fall asleep on the sofa
  11. clean apartment and keep it clean
  12. start software blog
  13. do things when I planned, weather permitting
  14. listen to more music
  15. use my points tracker
  16. record dreams every day

One Response to “December 1st resolutions”

  1. Thanks for the link! I like your blog so far; looks like we’re both trying to improve our lifestyles. I especially need to start incorporating meditation – one of the biggest challenges for my relaxation! I also love the zen habits blog – you should check out Ririan Project as well; it’s very helpful.

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