without electricity


I am sitting here listening to this snow-rain-ice stuff falling. They were saying yesterday that we should prepare for the power to go off at some point. This really got me thinking about it, what people would do without it— especially what I would do with it I did make a previous entry about something similar: turn off.

The idea of suddenly losing electricity is fascinating on many levels. What would you do? I guess some of that depends on how long it was out, and when. If it were daytime out, it wouldn’t be all that complicated— you could do a lot of the same things, unless they involve things like cooking and cleaning (washers, vacuums, &c.). Everyone has things they need to do that don’t involve a far away power source, but they probably don’t think about it because things like turning the lights or the TV on is something that comes naturally.

What would I do? First, find some candles— I know where they are, and that I have many. If it went off in the day, I would catch up on all this reading I should be doing anyway, rather than this TV thing I spend way too much time on. Quickly pull out things I might want to eat from the refrigerator/freezer- I can get vegetables in— lots of salads. Mediate— that thing on my list am ashamed to admit never do. Think. Listen to stuff on my iPod, until the battery does. Listen to things on CD on my old portable one, (if it still works). Write stuff on paper for a change. Read over stuff that I already wrote. Lots of daytime things, but I could try to get some of them in at night. After all, people managed to do stuff like read by candlelight for many years.

The bad things involve the weather. If it is really cold (like now( there would be no heat. This happened to me a couple of times in my last apartment, but I had the gas oven to at least partly heat the place. In the summer the only way it would be too bad, I think, only if it is dangerously hot.

At night it would be interesting. It would be really dark, not like how it is when all your lights inside turned on but there are still street lights on and lights from the other apartments or houses. It would be completely dark— but maybe moonlight, it the moon is out. Someone might say that it is scary, primitive or other things like that. But I think it is sort of mystical, you have to stop and look around and feel the would around you— even the universe, seen through moon and start and your mind. All sorts of magic is there that we usually don’t pay any attention.

I rally don’t see why all this should be happening— a whole grid should go out all at once. Personally, I think we should all have independent sources of power. I think that we have made everything all too complicated. It seems that everyone could have an independently— something small and simple— that would keep the world turned on. Something clean and free— free energy.


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