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So i was doing something I really hate, but I had to. I walked to the grocery store. That is not the awful thing, though shopping for food is not the greatest thing in the world. But it was raining. Well, at first itwasn’t, really. What it was was strange. On the way there, when […]

It’s around 90— maybe. And there are storms coming around real soon here. It kind of put a different spin on my day— I was going to go out this afternoon, and now I am glad I didn’t. I think ti is going to be a rainy summer. I hate that, but I think I […]

A little while ago I found out about this thing called polyphasic sleep. I don’t remember exactly how I came to it, just linking fro somewhere else. I have only read a little about it, and there is one other (or a couple) article I want to read, but it is a bit more complicated, […]

Well, as I write this it is really early Sunday evening— in summer they all seem to run together, day and night. There is something about writing on Sunday afternoons in the summer. It doesn’t feel the same at any other time of year, or even any other day of the week. There is just […]



It is late in the evening, but isn’t that the best time to write? Your day is almost over, so you have things to write about, your day and all. But then, the morning is also good. It is there before the day gets all cluttered with thoughts and events and all that. And you […]