It is late in the evening, but isn’t that the best time to write? Your day is almost over, so you have things to write about, your day and all.

But then, the morning is also good. It is there before the day gets all cluttered with thoughts and events and all that. And you can put your dreams in, too. But that’s something I could get into at a later date. Maybe.

This was a busy day. I decided a couple days ago that I was going to rearrange my bedroom so I would now wake up in the burning sunlight that comes directly through my window. I think about doing this every year, but for some reason I got really “possessed” by this Idea, and when that happens, I just have to feed it. Some of them go away, but most don’t.

I think I got about 85% of it done, at least most of the heavy work. Just a bunch of little things to do tomorrow.

So far I like it, but it really isn’t even finished yet. It makes things different. After this winter—of how terrible it was— I could use something new, a turn-around, you might say.


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