The cycles of sleep?


A little while ago I found out about this thing called polyphasic sleep. I don’t remember exactly how I came to it, just linking fro somewhere else. I have only read a little about it, and there is one other (or a couple) article I want to read, but it is a bit more complicated, so I will read it when I am feeling smart and alert. Anyway, it really fascinates me— as do all things about sleep and dreams.

So this is what it is. First, you have a sort of “base” sleep that is a few hours in a row, depending, I guess, on the individual sleeper. Then, during the rest of the day, you sleep in several small increments. (Also mentioned are people who are said to have such sleep but do not have it in the most technical sense.)

It also mentions that it is hard to start. I imagine that it is hard to stick to. Some people who slept this way had to give it up for whatever reason— maybe because the rest of the world does not sleep in such a way. I have not decided whether I will try I or not.

I got this program that I am using that tracks my sleep in a nice graph format. I have noticed that I het a short (6 hours) amount of sleep when I usually sleep, then I get up. A couple nights I fell asleep in the evening for a few hours. This, or something like it, has happened before, though I was never looking at the patterns. I have also noticed that even if I wake up in the morning earlier, and know there is enough time to sleep more, I don’t fin Idea very appealing, and get a little restless, that this is now time to get up, and I could get the rest of the sleep later. Sometimes I do finish my sleep later in the afternoon— on purpose— or otherwise on the sofa in front of the TV.

Such patterns bother me a little, mostly when I have to go somewhere at a certain time, and must be up in time to get myself ready and get to the bus on time. This is when my “sleep fear” comes into play. I want to get the right sloop, and usually go to bed a little early. I tell myself that everting is fine, that the alarm will wake me up on time. But still I wake up early, then try to go back to sleep, but it never comes.


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