more fireworx, different year


P1000768Again, I went to the fireworks that happen in the parking lot across from my apartment building. They are a pretty good show, though they could get the timing better. But you can’t expect great wonders from a neighborhood show. It isn’t Rhythm and Booms, after all. I didn’t go there this year, either— I always give myself an excuse about being out so late, but then, after, I sort of wished I had gone. How many good summers will there be before the climate changes really start to jump into full force?

I know, it is a bit out of focus, but you try to take pictures of a moving target with a camera that keeps shutting off. It was driving me crazy,and, I am sure, the people behind me. They did ask me if I got any good shots. I said that I didn’t know yet. They said that they had tried it, too, so I didn’t feel so silly.

Fireworks do belong on the 4th, no matter what other shows there may be at other times.


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