much to-do/about to-do

One day, when I finally start my software blog— that I have been thinking about for a while— I will do one big long entry about to-do list programs and sites.

It seems that there are a million of them out there, so how do you pick the ones that work for you, or at all. You see one you like, get to using it, then another one comes along that seems even better, if not maybe just newer. Then what? Do you abandon the one you are using for this new thing? And what it that one isn’t what you expected or wanted as much as you thought you did?

Sometimes it also seems like you spend more time making to-do lists when you could be doing the things you have to do. But we love lists— making them, reading them, even finally checking items off.

I think that one problem, at least for me, is that to-do lists just show me what a boring life I have, that this is all I have in life— that even when I am busy, it seems a little like I am busy doing nothing.

I am still trying to find my perfect to-do program or site (or both, if I am lucky), but I have a few that ore in my list…


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