When will I stop using software?

Well, all right, there will always be software of some sort somewhere, so that is not what I mean by that.

What I mean is that there is so many web based applications that allow you to do the same things that the big applications on your “usual” computer that I wonder when there won’t be any more need for computers as they are now. Like, for instance, this journal that I am suing now— on the web— were all I have to do is open my browser (ONE program) which is always open anyway, then pull up this page, log in if I am not already, and type away.

All right, not too advanced, right? Well, this is not the only place to put words (or pictures and any other kind of document you can think of) to… screen. There’s Zoho— an office suite to beat Office, and the Google set of many little progr5aqms, stuff for note taking, photo editing and storing, and lots of stuff you can share— bookmarks, videos, all sorts of things.

I don’t really use on of them yet— at least not the big ones. Now I am wondering when it would be a good idea for me to ditch the big programs and just stick to the stuff you can do through the web. Well, I probably won’t quit completely— there are a few things I don’t know how to do— or if you can do them— with these programs. Besides, there seems also to be a lot of good freeware out there now that is as good as the stuff you can (or at least used to be able to) get at your local electronics store.

I look at these programs sometimes, and wonder if I should use them mostly now. It seems like this is there it is all going, toward “cloud computing“ — internet based computing, part of that web 2.0 cool stuff. I already have a Google account, so using those “programs” would not be too hard. I guess I will have to create my own “cloud.”

I have a good journal program that I bought a few years ago. It served me well, but I haven’t opened in a long time (I don’t even have it installed, truthfully). I still have to date and file to install it, of course,


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