new dimension in sites of the week


My list of blogs that I read every day seems to be getting bigger. Of course I don’t read everything on them, not all of the articles are not really what I am interested in or want to read about.

I have noticed that they fall into different types or categories if interests. I’ve got my software, tips, life, science, environment, design, productivity and organization and some others that are coming or that I don’t remember at this moment. I think that all of these new things will add more depth to the sites of the week.

Morning Coffee is good- I didn’t like it that much at first because I didn’t read the same things evert day, and I didn’t have it set right, I don’t think. But now I do. I have some things that I read every day, some on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, some on Tuesdays and Thursdays, some on weekends and others on single days, depending on how much I like the site and how often it is updated.

This is all because I have been posting sites of the week again. It sort of became difficult to come up with enough, because I wasn’t really reading a wide enough variety of things. I am not sure why this was, but things have changed.

Also, maybe because I have been seeing all sorts of interesting things that came with pictures along with them, I was thinking that I might just make an entry that is mostly pictures, with a brief description. I might just say what they are, things I find interesting but are not necessarily integrated into a specific site.


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