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Starling Fitness » Back to Weight Watchers very useful Excel spreadsheets for those of us trackers— hang nicely on the refrigerator CyberNotes Humorous Office Pranks and Practical Jokes I especially like the Post-Its— I wonder what the say, if they say anything Why Should Freelancers Use Mind Mapping nearly everyone can benefit from mind mapping […]

Getting a little weird this week… 1. Ask A Biogeek What Are the Unlikeliest Futures for the Human Species 2. Lego Windmill Going on eBay for a Cool $1,700 3. Humorous Office Pranks and Practical Jokes

Tracking Storms and Track Hurricane Ike Stormpulse Hurricane tracking, mapping very useful these days Ask A Biogeek What Are the Unlikeliest Futures for the Human Species Green and Eco-Friendly Search Engines WebEcoist Did you know…? Useful and unusual things to buy: GoodGuide Home check and see if what you are buying is environmentally friendly USB […]

This is the first of what may be a regular post, like maybe weekly, along with the sites of the week (before or after, something like that.) Sites they came from will (or mostly) but under picture, unless there is none or I was silly enough to forget where it came from. I’m not sure […]

Right Now What Are You Doing a strange thing which is explained by 43 Folders 11 Free Mind Mapping Applications & Web Services some of these I have not heard of before— try them, mi and mapping is great Apitherapy News some of your bees-wax PLU Produce Lookup Codes (pictures, numbers and what it is) […]

All right, I will admit that I am a little lazy about picking up the mail, and I could go down and get it at least every other day, but I really don’t want to be told (or demanded) to go and pick it up. I think it just further confirms that there are strange […]

I would ordinarily put this in a site of the week post, but it is timely, so I figured I would not wait. That is: Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: September 2008. I have been using these since May (of this year) and I really like them. I have a tendency to change my desktop wallpaper often, […]