calendar of the month

img5I would ordinarily put this in a site of the week post, but it is timely, so I figured I would not wait. That is: Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: September 2008.

I have been using these since May (of this year) and I really like them. I have a tendency to change my desktop wallpaper often, being someone who gets bored easily. I get three or four of them so I can still change them and not lose the calendar.

And maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I tend to forget what the date is and I don’t have a good calendar here where I usually keep my computer.

These are the ones I like from September (top to bottom): Jeans World Map (love maps), Autumn Moonlight, Red Green Orange, Gentle Temper, Goodbye Holidays and Vectors in Front.

It’s nice to have a few, in case I really get bored.


2 Responses to “calendar of the month”

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  1. 1 sites of the week 3.11-9.11 2008 « open ended

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