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The Read Green Initiative Lots of real magazine subscriptions in PDF format. 40 Wallpapers Loaded With Color Webdesigner Depot iSerenity – Environments Sounds and images from things you see and hear in everyday life. Mad Science The Best Real-Life Science Fictional Inventions of 2008 18 Ways to be Uber Creative Who doesn’t want to be […]

It is a holiday, so for some reason I feel like I should blog something. I don’t know why, it isn’t as if this day, at least for me, is no big deal. It’s an eating day, and I’ve never really understood that. Everyone eats every day. And how many “give thinks” like you’re supposed […]

Where to stash cash at home— Consumer Reports Money & Shopping Blog I think I have heard of a couple of these before, so maybe they’re not too new… What Happy People Don’t Do – What happens when you watch too much TV? 20 of your most hated cliches— BBC NEWS UK Magazine I […]

Comprehensive Firefox 3 Add-on Compatibility Report Alternative uses for plastic bags – Green Daily If you can use it once, why can’t you sue it twice? Online Storage Online Storage Feature-by-Feature Comparison Chart always useful stuff from Lifehacker. I’m sort of changing my service… And some writing stuff: Write or Die Dr Wicked’s Writing Lab […]

I have found two writing related things online that kind of break things out of the box. They help challenge the way I do things, sort of force me to do the work in one way or another. I put both of them in my last “sites of the week” entry, but I thought I […]

First these— Memiary kind of like what you do with a 5 year journal, put in 5 things that you did today another example of words as art Then some wallpaper (I might make a big wallpaper entry soon). I would use them, but I use my calendar of the month. 8 GTD Wallpapers […]

Another late one, due to more computer problems– I know, bad excuse. Halloween Candy Code saves a lot of time, and always get what you want, and not any toothpaste or political propaganda Managing Multiple Freelance Gigs With Mind Maps especially the horizontally-oriented “org chart“ used particularly in MindManager all about sleep, dreams, and […]