today and tomorrow

It is a holiday, so for some reason I feel like I should blog something. I don’t know why, it isn’t as if this day, at least for me, is no big deal. It’s an eating day, and I’ve never really understood that. Everyone eats every day. And how many “give thinks” like you’re supposed to. It is almost like holidays have become a mandatory attendance thing, but just because you’re there, you don’t really have to pay any attention.

And then there is tomorrow— they call it “black Friday” but they should really call it “Shopping Day.” that’s really what it is. And it is amazing how early people will get up to go do this. They might just as well stay up all night. T

he timing is also interesting. After a day when you are supposed to reflect on all you have, in a few short hours the focus is on all the things you don’t have— what they want and what they want to get for someone else. It’s all about getting, after the giving. And then, a month later, it comes around— a time when you are supposed to be giving, but you are really concentrating on what you’re getting.

I wonder when this started. I don’t remember really hearing about it until a few years ago, but I might not have been paying attention. But it has gotten too big and too crazy.

And, on a personal note, for the first time, I will be doing it— online. I need pants, and I am going to see what kind of deal I can get on a computer— this one is driving me crazy— I nave nearly smashed it to pieces on several occasions.


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