it’s cold again

As if I didn’t write enough posts last year about the weather, right?

Well, winder has come— not astronomically, but tell that to my thermometer. Last winter was just awful, one day it would snow a foot, then the next it would be nearly 0° or just above or below. Well, I got bent all out of shape about that. It was one of the worst on record, I think, and we did have a record snowfall— over 100 inches.

It drove me absolutely crazy last year. All the way through January and February (and some of December and March) I had the AccuWeather up in the first tab, checking every day, sometimes more than once. Not that I didn’t like that part a little, I have been interested in weather for a long time— and there was quite a lot of it to watch— all through this year.

Well, presently it is 23° (feels like 16°). I do now have anywhere I really need to go, but this year, if I did, I would be gone. I am not going to let it get to me. I have lived where there is winter for 17 years now, and especially after last year, this is not so bad. I will not let it get to me or stop me from doing what I need or want to do.

I heard the other day on the radio that you have to get your snow off of the sidewalk before 12pm or you will be fined. I did not know this before, though I am not sure why not. It does make me feel a little better.

There was one plus about having to stay in a lot more last year— I didn’t spend as much money as I probably would have if I had gone out more.

It can’t be as bad this year, cam it?


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