new computer, old problems


Well, I finally got my new computer, finally. I ordered it over the internet last week, but it seemed like forever. I did like ordering that way, i could go through everything and get what i wanted for the price. it worked better because i could see all the technical details without all of the distractions of being in a store where the main problem is finding someone to give you assistance.

Anyway, shifting information and stuff like that from computer to computer creates all sorts of problems. It always seems that there is something that gets left behind somewhere. The stuff is still in my old computer somewhere, and I could get it out if I know where to find it. Like right now I have something that doesn’t have any real backup or any file I can find. And I always seem to lose some of my Firefox bookmarks, though I have gotten the hang of backing up sessions. And I am having trouble getting my universal spell checker to work, but that also fixes up in time.

Anyway, so far I haven’t pushed it to it’s limit, so it is pretty fast and nothing really has crashed yet. I can have more than one big program up at the same time without any kind of meltdown. That alone is worth the price, which was not all that high. And there’s all of these other features that I haven’t gotten into yet, like the built-in camera.


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