Video journal?


I discovered, after receiving this new computer, that there is a webcam attached to it, right above the screen. I didn’t know that it was going ot be there, Because I was looking at all of the better, more powerful elements. This presents some interesting possibilities.

I had thought occasionally of getting a webcam and making some sort of video journal. I don’t think I would ever put them up here or in YouTube or anything like that. I might not even watch them in the future, unless there is something I know is in one of them.

I have heard the sound of my voice lately, and i did see myself in the display as I was looking at it, but together, no.

When I was in 3rd grade, I got a tape recorder for my birthday, then found a blank tape (I won’t say how). I guess J wanted to do the same thing (only there wasn’t video way back then, at least not that I or anyone around me could afford). I would record as long as the side would last, and then I think at another time I would do the other side. Then, at some time later, I would listen to it. When i decided that I didn’t want it anymore, I would record over it.

And more recently, i would record my dreams on tape before I would type them in (before they got overwhelming, having at least one a day so I stopped writing them down). So i guess the sound of my own voice might not bother me.

The video thing is a little different. I have seen myself on closed circuit video in places like banks, but that too is different. And putting them together… well, that’s different. Maybe I am just being silly. I have no problem with new technology and ideas, and people do this kind of thing all the time, like video blags, so maybe i should let go of the past. And no, this will not become a video blog.

Once I get over all of that, there comes the hardest part… finding something to say!


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