merry… happy…



First, this is where I found the wallpaper. As for as Christmas wallpapers goes, this one is quite nice. More tasteful than man out there. I’ll probably use it again next year, just for these couple days, since I usually use monthly wallpapers.

I don’t know what other insights I have had about this say in any other previous blog entries because I have not gone back to check. Not that it matters that much, each year is different. I guess that means my feelings and opinions are as well.

Christmas is for kids, really, and people who have kids and families that come together in one way or another. That doesn’t bother me too much anymore. It only really bothered me in my teen years, when my father decided to abolish Christmas, meaning that I got nothing. He said a lot of stuff about commercialism and stuff like that, but I am pretty sure it was just that he didn’t want to get me anything.

Then you grow up, I think now, and if you really want something “under the tree” you have to go out and get whatever that is all by yourself, because who can you really count on? I say this because of my big new wonderful present to myself— this computer that I am using now. It was a good buy for how much it cost and what it has in it. I am satisfied.

I’ve heard a lot this year about that people should be getting this year. I think that is really silly.Like that kids (or anybody?) Will get something and get sick of it in a couple of hours— or it will break. Well, I know what I got lasted for years before I got sick of it. This is, or should be, a time for fun, for just being with people you like and letting go of life for a day or two. Kind of like Halloween— don’t drop toothpaste and floss in the bags, that’s not what it’s about.

And then there’s the new year, and I have quite a few things to say about that, just you wait.


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