that’s old, this is new


I know I have put resolution entries up here before, and often I have said that I will not make resolutions, because I don’t need them or find them to be cliche and silly.I’ve never been afraid of not keeping them, I figured I would or I wouldn’t, no reason to let myself sown so much.

So this is what I will do now. Here is what this is, first, the things I did good, or at all,this past year:

  • rearranged the bedroom
  • cleaned the apartment- though most of that was in the last week or two
  • set up apartment mostly how I want ti
  • bought new, good computer
  • started writing a story a week
  • started keeping up with this blog again (think it helps to put pictures and stuff like that in)
  • did not go crazy during last year’s {2007-2008} alternating cold/snow winter, though by the middle of January I was sure I was going to snap (now understand that seasonal affective disorder or whatever they call it)
  • found a cool time “reverse” schedule/time management program- Klock– where you just drag and drop what you did into the time slots
  • started a video journal, for myself, but not every day
  • got my iPod to work with Vista, which may have more to do with iTunes 8
  • did not spend too much money (due to the above mentioned winter, when I couldn’t go out too often)

And this is what will (hopefully) happen this year of 2009 (have to get used to that number)- I know some of them will seem a little silly, but resolutions can be sometimes:

  • track points (a WeightWatchers thing)
  • track sleep- something I tried earlier this year, but since it is the new year maybe I won’t lose track like I did last time
  • lose between 10 and 15 pounds
  • unload the dishwasher when it is full, load it up so there aren’t dishes in the sink (don’t want bugs again)
  • keep the apartment clean by doing a little at a time
  • not break my new computer
  • read 12 books, at least, one a month, more or less
  • write 52 stories, at least, one per week
  • listen to more music, now that my iPod words- and more cool poscasts
  • find creative ways to get what I need’
  • get last few things I need for apartment- rolling chair (one chair, two desks), new TV stand and if I am lucky, new bed (though I think there may be someone who is going to give me one, eventually)

I tried to make them even, though I don’t know if they are equal. And I am sure I have left things out, but the mind- even mine- isn’t perfect. There seem to be a few more than usual, too. Some of them feel different than usual, but then, I am different than I was, though not as different as I might think I should be.


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