sites of the week 26.1-2.1 2 2009


Sorry, I guess I SA spaced out or lost track of time, or some other bed excuse for not presenting you with sites of the week last week. So I will give you a little extra this week. Who doesn’t love extra?

And something from the lighter side, something we all need these days.

  • FAIL Blog Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments I found this site a while back, but I didn’t bookmark it, I guess, but found it again thanks to that PC Magazine entry from last time. I guess I failed…
  • Indexed There really does seem to be a chart for everything. Do we love charts as much as we love lists?
  • Criggo A little crude, but still funny. I think they used to do something like that in the back of publishers Weekly, but more clever and less crude. It’s amazing how many typos get out there.

And a little sci-fi— for the future?

  • Dvice A bit more science than fiction, with a little gadgetry and fun mixed in.
  • Locus Online More along the lines of the news of the genre.

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