How relevant is this?


dtv_newsThis thing was supposed to take place today, right? Well, if I am not wrong, this was supposed to take place a while ago. Now, yet again. It is once more delayed. The timing is not the only thing that has confused people, from the viewer to the broadcaster.

But just how relevant is It anymore? I don’t have any statistics with me right now, but I think most people have cable or satellite. (Perhaps I say this from the point of a cable subscriber— digital, with the HBO set of premium channels.) but that’s not where I am going with this.

With services like julu (love the ads, funny, yes), Mior, Windows Media Center, and even YouTube and others, including bit torrent, there is no you can’t see your favorite shows. And, of course, you can rent them through Netflix or your local video store.

It seems that with all of this, you can get around the TV itself. If you really think about all the options, just how long will “TV” last? It has it’s disadvantages in that is has to be were it is, more or less. This means that you can’t take it with you, especially now that your little antenna is worthless after that transition.

If I many get sentimental for a second, back around 1080 or so, we used to have one of those portable TVs. I remember my father it as well as our living roomTV, to watch two football games at once. And sometimes I would even get to have it in my room, but not for long. then I had a little WatchMan, with its one inch black and white screen.

But you can take your computer everywhere these days. No antenna to worry about, and if you just download something, no connection. You don’t even need to plug anything in, at least for a while.

It’x becoming a time of easy access media, any time, anywhere. the boundaries and barriers are breaking down, and we have to think about our media in new ways, because it and times are changing. It just proves you can have yourTV, and you can take it with you.


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