Fire— and today is Monday?


Today— I will not say what time it was— I was jerked away from my sleep by the sound of the fire alarm. So I get up and jammed myself into some clothes and went down to the lobby, like you’re supposed to. Then people started drifting down there as well, until the lobby was nearly full. Some drifted around, talked to each other, stuff like that.

So I am standing there thinking that because since it is Monday there should be no problem, that the manager would be in the office. as I stood there thinking about this, I went through the things I remembered doing yesterday, and the things I unneeded to do that day. As the fog of sleep lifted, I realized that it was Sunday, not Monday. I was glad I never said anything.

So a half an hour later we got to go back in. It seems that there wasn’t any fire, or at least that’s the impression that I got.

So I tried to go back to sleep, but that took me a while, so my whole day is a little off. It’s just a weird say.

It made me think that I have to get myself together a little better in some situations. There was another time when the alarms went off, and that time there was actually a little fire— someone left a pan on the stove. That was also in winter. It would be better if they happened in the summer, so that we wouldn’t have to put all those clothes on.


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