TV or not TV?


If I do have to lose a bunch of money, who needs cable TV anymore? That is kind of what I am looking into right now-well, I have been looking into it, but now more seriously. I read this article on my favorite site that said that Hulu has out a desktop program now, so you can watch their content. I went back a little deeper and discovered ted. Not TED, ted. Two different things.

So ted is kind of like a bit torrent thing, but you have a list you can pick from over on the left and when you choose it will put up info on the program. In the demo I watched, I saw that there were quite a few programs, and I don’t think they are all American programs, which is really cool, provided I learn what good programs there are in other places. Then you can download them, by episode, I know, and I think you can get a season pass like on TiVo. Since it is a torrent thing, I guess there would not be any commercials, and I think that is the big minus about Hulu.

I guess I will just have to download it and try it out. Maybe I can get caught up on Lost, since my TiVo erased last season’s finale and I couldn’t catch up. It is also good, I would guess, for getting into shows that I either forgot to watch or lose track of-or maybe even finding shows that have ended and gone away forever.


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