free-form story, while waiting for another


So first I will make a sort of setting, I guess, where most of the stuff will be done or is about. Then I will create at least a few characters that will be there for the whole (or at least most of) the story. I give them a sort of base of who they are, give them jobs, all that sort of thing.

So that is, for the most part, all there is that will stay (mostly) static. The rest is more or less free-form, going where it goes, not knowing that much about where it is going. It will just develop on its own. And I have no idea when and where it will end, but that is part of what it would be.

I don’t want to do it constantly. It would just be something I would work on when there isn’t anything there to so, or when something comes to me that I think would go well with where it was going, or I think I would be good where it is at that point.

And the other rule is that I can not stop where it is and work on another part, as I so with things now. It just has to go along, one big story.


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