countdowns from the past


But listening to them now is different, from a distance of 30 years in the future, hearing what we listened to back then. it wasn’t so difficult to at least get quite a few right, but as I listen, there are songs that I don’t remember—and know exactly why. The others are songs we know still, but when you put a date onto them, it’s hard to believe they were so long ago, or perhaps they were newer that you thought.

I don’t know if I ever thought about this back then (because I was, like many others, I am sure, waiting for the ones I like to be where I like them), but I notice now how much diversity in groups and styles there are. Maybe that is because now I have more diverse taste. We tend to want to put tags on everything, and we forget, or want to , all the other things that went on in the same time period.

Sometimes, when they play other “classic” countdowns, as they call them, I can remember almost exactly some of what was on the show. I always liked the trivia and background information. I think I almost looked forward to that as much as for the tunes.

In a way, I kind of wish we still had a show like that still going, telling us what the hits are now. Maybe they do, I just don’t know where to get it if there is. I imagine it would be hard, though, considering how hard it probably is to track all the sales figures, not to mention things downloaded from the torrent sites, like last week people looking for Michael Jackson stuff and bringing down the internet.

* the Number 1 ended up being Exile’s “Kiss You All Over” —not sure what I thought about it beck then, but it’s a little disappointing now, maybe because I know now that they would not have any more hits after that.


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