The zenith of summer?


I just noticed something after hearing the County Fair announcements on the radio. It is that after the 4th, things really start happening—the art fair and Maxwell Street Days, and eventually, the Taste—the big fat finish.

I guess, because the days are now getting shorter (though not my much, yet) that summer has met its apex and should now be winding down. But maybe that comes from a long time ago when I really didn’t do anything in the summer, when I was young. So the fireworks, when I actually got to go see them, were like the only thing there really was until school started, except all the heat.

I guess also that I hate to see the says get shorter, because they really do around here. Then, fall is over and there is all that dark of winter. And every year, at least that I can remember since I moved ti this apartment, I tell myself that I will go and do things I want to do while there is still light, in the day, going wherever I need to go. But then winder comes and I never end up doing it like that.

Maybe I need to rethink this. I have learned (again?) to enjoy the things you can do in the summer. I think maybe some of this is that there is that global warming thing coming around, and we may not have such pleasant summers anymore. They could be getting really dangerous, in fact. But does that mean we will get mild winters? They might feel nice, they they are as not good as too hot summers..

And I am appreciating them more and more, “using” them. How maybe people in this building sit on their patios or balconies? I hear many air conditioners go on, but few people go out. Just the loud ones on the second floor, an the loud ones on the first floor, right under them. I guess there is some need for people to be inside more than outside. Or maybe some people—I used to be one of them—are afraid that other people who are also outside are just sitting around watching what the other people are doing, but they are not, I am almost sure. At least I am not, I usually take a book with me, unless tic’s only for a few minutes. I don’t really care what people do.


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