About the journal. I usually don’t buy them anymore, though if I find nice ones that I can use for dream journals now I will get it (dream journals are so rare these days, but mentioned that earlier). And this time I did not get the one I had intended, with the tied binding instead of a regular one. When I was standing there looking at them, I noticed that the slender ones looked like they were better to use, because what I want to put in there will not normally demand too much individual space.

What I am going to use it for is to write down all these good quotes I seem to be finding around lately. I just decided that I want them all in one place, as a sort of reminder and inspirer, in a way. And because I don’t want ot forget them, or write them down somewhere on a piece of paper and run across them a long time later, then have no place to put them.

So far I have mostly got them from books, and a couple from things I have been watching, which is mainly where I got the idea from. When someone quotes someone, I kind of wonder where they got it, so I figured they had a place they kept them while they were writing the nook or speech. So that’s what I did.


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