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Posts from the Tip Of The Day Category at Green Daily The one about the napkins made me decide to put this one up. Solve Puzzles for Science Foldit Use your computer’s idle moments for a good scientific cause. Pacecar – Faster, more focused reading online Gives focus to your reading. Not as good as […]

Another late one, due to more computer problems– I know, bad excuse. Halloween Candy Code saves a lot of time, and always get what you want, and not any toothpaste or political propaganda Managing Multiple Freelance Gigs With Mind Maps especially the horizontally-oriented “org chart“ used particularly in MindManager all about sleep, dreams, and […]

leaving leaves


I didn’t mention this last Saturday, but I went to the bookstore a while back and found this book on dreams (if you remember at least one for about 1.5 years, you get to finding it even more fascinating than usual). It is deep, and there were a couple others I wanted to get. I […]

Often I dream of things that happened not long before I go to sleep. The thing that’s’ really strange is that I do far too much of my writing before I go to sleep, unfortunately, and yet o don’t dream f it. I don’t dream about writing, about having read anything I wrote, or anything […]