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I know I have put resolution entries up here before, and often I have said that I will not make resolutions, because I don’t need them or find them to be cliche and silly.I’ve never been afraid of not keeping them, I figured I would or I wouldn’t, no reason to let myself sown so […]

As the new year closes, and I have (nearly) cleaned my apartment, I now reflect on what people say every year- Happy New Year! That’s why I put up this Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: January 2009, something I look forward to every month. It’s almost like “Happy New Month!” It’s definitely not my favorite, but it […]

It is a holiday, so for some reason I feel like I should blog something. I don’t know why, it isn’t as if this day, at least for me, is no big deal. It’s an eating day, and I’ve never really understood that. Everyone eats every day. And how many “give thinks” like you’re supposed […]

Remember Just One Password That’s Unique For Every Site a problem we seem to all have Apartment Therapy all these good ideas that I can’t afford— also two of the companion sites— Unplggd– smarter homes, fewer wires. and Re-Nest– abundant design for green homes Ten Mysteries of the Solar System About time, especially the future… […]

A little while ago I found out about this thing called polyphasic sleep. I don’t remember exactly how I came to it, just linking fro somewhere else. I have only read a little about it, and there is one other (or a couple) article I want to read, but it is a bit more complicated, […]

Rico Clusters: An Alternative to Mind Mapping I think I tried something like this once, but I didn’t know what it was called Happy National Chocolate Day as if we need a reason! Masters of Invention and this one, which I don’t really agree with parts of: Thomas Edison versus Nikola Tesla: Who is more […]

You got a new CD, right? Or maybe even an old one. All right, it’s different with an entire CD. Say there’s one song on it that you really like. So you pop it in and start it up. How many times can you hear it until you can’t stand it anymore? Or do you […]

his is one that makes you wonder what people are thinking. This I heard the other day. A man was burning something— maybe leaves or something— and had or found some rat, maybe something that was running around the kitchen. So he takes this thing and tosses it on the fire. Well, this was not […]

Yes, it sounds a little mechanical, like you re getting your beliefs out on a vending machine— oh, I think I’ll get E7 today, and maybe c3 tomorrow. Every now and then I take that test on the internet. I get a little stagnate about what I believe, because I have slacked off a little […]

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All right, I get an idea. It goes like this: I go out in the afternoon, to take a walk. In so doing, I think of stuff to write about. I have this problem that I want to solve with a story, or I need something new to work with, or to just pick up […]